I auto-updated WordPress and some stuff broke – sorry! I’ll get it fixed up asap. Lost a couple of years of updates somehow…fun!

Home sweet home

Greetings! We’ve moved to a new server – I’m *pretty* sure everything is working properly – let me know if you see anything weird.

This site is hosted on a DigitalOcean Droplet – took a try or two (I’m rusty, ok?), but it’s a powerful, cheap way to have your own (more…)

Dear @RokuPlayer, please make...

Dear @RokuPlayer, please make the...

Dear @RokuPlayer, please make the #LegoMovie theme permanent.


$10 off per user –...

GoogleAppsI recently set up a new Google Apps for Business account for BallPark Web Solutions, and during the process discovered that Google now has a reseller program for Apps accounts. Being the enterprising young upstart that I am, I joined the program.

So, basically if you are interested in saving $10 per (more…)

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An @AlfredApp theme for @Reds...

In theory, all you have do do is click this link to import this theme into Alfred. We’ll see though…

Install the #GoReds Alfred Theme (requires Alfred V2)

It will look like this – note that the colors are the ‘official’ Reds CMYK colors.

Screenshot 09

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McDaniel Development

The internet home of Scott McDaniel, a somewhat aged, wizened and jaded technology guy curretly living in Montgomery Alabama.

I proudly work for the Southern Poverty Law Center, I dig the Reds, Porsche, Cigars, Apple and creating little things that turn into big things.

I use the Internet, too: