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Why I shut down Qte.Me

Way back in 2008, when the .me domain extensions were released, I registered a couple – and The former was used as my blog for awhile, but I eventually just let it go. The latter – well, I had big plans for it. But as with all big...

Thoughts on CSS form validation

I don’t know why, when or how it happened, but form validation is a pet peeve of mine. It’s so easy to give good, proper, relevant feedback on a form after it has been submitted. But it’s one of the most frequently overlooked things on the web....

I am destroying iOS8 today

I am the breaker of things. Click for bigger iPhone locked up when accessing Siri – saw this screen until i rebooted. Hi mystery weird keyboard from nowhere. Mystery keyboard – weird style. Mystery keyboard – weird...

My PopClip Extensions

One of my favorite and most used Mac applications is PopClip, by PilotMoon Software. Basically, PopClip is a little menu bar that pops up when you select text anywhere on your system, then allows you to quickly perform actions on it, for instance creating a tweet,...

iOS8 ‘theming’ via Accessibility Preferences

No, not really theming, but turning on the iOS8 ‘Grayscale‘ and ‘Invert Colors‘ options in ‘General/Accessibility‘ creates a pretty cool effect. That said, I’d be interested in knowing how many developers actually will be...

Home sweet home

Greetings! We’ve moved to a new server – I’m *pretty* sure everything is working properly – let me know if you see anything weird. This site is hosted on a DigitalOcean Droplet – took a try or two (I’m rusty, ok?), but...

An @AlfredApp theme for @Reds fans – #GoReds!

In theory, all you have do do is click this link to import this theme into Alfred. We’ll see though… Install the #GoReds Alfred Theme (requires Alfred V2) It will look like this – note that the colors are the ‘official’ Reds CMYK...

Alfred workflow to search for news

So, as you all know, is THE place to get mobile news these days. But currently (as of this writing) there is no desktop site/app available. You *can* get to news stories, there’s just no home page index of what’s available for viewing. However, you...

How to style Gravity Forms error messages

While working with a site today, I was running into formatting issues while using Gravity Forms with a Bootstrap based theme in WordPress. When the user failed to submit required information, Gravity was sending an error message that exceeded the boundaries of the...

Add items to Day One from Alfred

Here’s a little workflow I made to add items from @AlfredApp into @DayOneApp. Thanks to @ttscoff for doing the hard work! Download: ============= Use this Workflow to add items into Day One directly from Alfred. There is a tiny bit of...
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  • We’re going to see a lot of mandatory two-step authentication rolling out over the next several weeks. Be prepared.
  • The daily mail (of all places) has a good writeup of the leaked/hacked debacle.
  • Please sign my petition to get a #Hypnotoad dynamic wallpaper added to iOS8.
  • After its owner got put of the truck, this dog climbed out of the center window to stand guard. @darth
  • Came up to my wifes office with her and there is a Boxster just like mine in the parking lot. The universe is a jerk.
  • If you have a logo and a ‘home’ link on your site, but only ‘home’ is a link to /, you are doing it wrong.
  • Can’t complain too much I guess. I’m alive and breathing…it could have, probably should have, been worse. It’s just exhausting, recovering.
  • Another fun thing: having a conversation and suddenly being unable to remember a word, though I can see it clear as day in my head.
  • (2/2) blank wall of text. Can barely focus on reading tweets and short articles. Another gift of getting hit by three cars, I guess?
  • My calendar reminded me to add my ‘read books’ to my journal. I normally read 2-3 monthly; this month:0. Everything has just been a (1/2)
  • Great read by @yoast on end of Google authorship. Glad to see schema being highlighted and enhanced, personally.
  • /me is watching the original laserdisc cut of Star Wars.
  • Who are these people that keep ‘flash browsers’ in the App Store top ten? What exactly are they using it for?
  • “Broken, beaten down - can’t even get around. Without an old-man cane I fall and hit the ground.”
  • Just realized it’s been a month since my wreck. Limbs are still at about 50%; pretty stiff and sore still; stir crazy; miss my car. :(
  • When @jdalrymple gets excited about an apple event, that’s a sign that the rest of our faces will be melted off.
  • Haha. @jakebeckman is such a troublemaker. I love it. :)