Why I shut down Qte.Me

Way back in 2008, when the .me domain extensions were released, I registered a couple – mcdaniel.me and qte.me. The former was used as my blog for awhile, but I eventually just let it go.

The latter – well, I had big plans for it. But as with all big plans, without time and energy they are just vapor.

After a year or so of letting it sit dormant, I turned it into an URL shortening service, using the fantastic (and highly recommended for private sites) YOURLS software. It stayed that way for 5+ years, at it’s peak hitting over 500,000 unique links.

Then it started getting hit hard by spammers, shortening the links to illicit and often illegal sites. That led to headaches and DMCA notices to me, the site owner. I used several of the excellent scripts provided by the YOURLS community, and it slowed down quite a bit.

However, I got another request recently from Intuit, and decided that the headache of offering a free service that was constantly abused simply wasn’t worth it. So as of today, qte.me is no longer a public service. bitly

Instead, I’ve decided to use it as my personal URL shortening site, powered by Bit.ly. Using their powerful API, I can easily, and in some cases automatically, shorten all of my links to qte.me/whatever. Using it within PopClip, Tweetbot, TextExpander and browser extensions, I can cover all of my links pretty well.

Additionally, it gives me historical data on links i’ve shared as well as click tracking, traffic sources and more.

I’m sorry if you were one of the regular, innocent users of the old service. You know the drill – one bad apple…

So long, and thanks for all the fish links.

PS: This isn’t to say that someday I won’t turn QTE into one of those grand schemes, but for now it has a purpose.

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